wedding gifts

According to the German dictionary of the Brothers Grimm [15] comes from the word marriage, such as loyalty in the loyalty and trust, such as the confidence of the betrothed to each other. It got an early abundance of its importance for the personal act of faith by bride and groom, the gift ceremony as well as the legal act of marriage. The concept of marriage is around since the 13th Century originally occupied and says the "Anvertrauen" a woman to the husband. Today it means above all the ritual of marriage as such, even in the form of a church wedding or other religious ceremony. The marriage is the important act of a marriage is completed. Through him, the married partner. It distinguishes between wedding gifts the status of religious freedom as well as a marriage, the latter acquired no legal relevance.

The word marriage comes from Middle High German mehelen, the "promise" or "engaged" meant, so based on the idea of