gifts for men

As a boy called in the German across - though not very strictly limited - male humans before coming of age. In most societies, the crossing of the border from boy to man (often equated with sexual maturity) as an important step in the life of a male individual, and often with the initiation gift rites of various shapes celebrated (as examples here are some restrictions in some African and South American tribes, the confirmation or confirmation in the Christian religions, the Bar Mitzvah in Judaism, which Jugendweihe for freethinkers and in the former GDR, but also just the celebration of the eighteenth birthday to call), but in the "modern" Western gifts society more symbolic value and in its function by the age have been replaced. By reaching this limit will be the young men, as well as the young women new rights such as marriage and business ability and obligations such as the age of criminal responsibility or parental responsibility for the house and yard awarded.