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The first baptism in the New Testament is mentioned, is the baptism by John. He was therefore nicknamed Baptist. The St. John's baptism was done in the water of the Jordan, was a confession of sin and inner reverse (repentance), and had the forgiveness of sins to the target (3.6 Mt EU Mk 1.4 f EU, Luke 3.3 ff EU).

Jesus was after the match reports from the Gospel of John baptized. Even some of the later disciples and apostles were baptized by John and then to Jesus, the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world bears attention. In the subsequent period after John baptized 4.1 ff EU itself both John and the disciples of Jesus. christening

In Acts 19,1-7 EU is reported that Paul in Ephesus on disciple of John the Baptist met. After their baptism of John had been reported, said Paul them that John with a baptism of repentance and baptized called, that the people should believe in, which will come after him, namely Jesus Christ. Then would the disciples of John in the name of Jesus baptized.