birthday gifts

In the Christian areas were birthday celebrations until the 19th Century, only few in the higher social strata usual. The celebration of the birthday spread initially more in Protestant areas, while in Catholic areas of the preferred name was celebrated, until recently, they are also among the Catholics celebrate the birthday enforced [1].

This Christmas as a birthday celebration gift can be seen: After the Christian tradition is on 25 December the birth of Jesus of Nazareth celebrated. In addition, Christians celebrate Pentecost, traditionally the birthday of the Church. "

Birthday in Islam

In some conservative currents of Islam is the celebration of birthdays often than Christian or Jewish tradition, which is prohibited for Muslims [2]. Only the celebration of the birthday of the religion's founder Muhammad is widespread.

In other currents of Islam, this setting is not divided, it is in Shiite Iran, the anniversary of Muhammad's daughter, Fatima Bint Muhammad, is celebrated as Mother's Day.